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Threats & Countermeasures

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MISSM @ University of Luxembourg

Course material and slides>

Course material and slides

Slides Description
From logging to next generation detection and response, and other models of countermeasures Cyber threat landascape in Luxembourg and Europe, lessons learned from the field and deep dive into good practice of log analysis, SIEM, SOAR, EDR, et al., which are the key components of an efficient incident management system.
References and further reading>

References and further reading

Threat landscape references: * Luxembourg Cyber Weather
* CIRCL operational statistics
* NC3 Cybersecurity Observatory
* ENISA Threat Landscape 2023
Log Management references: * Best Practices for Log Monitoring
* Guide to Computer Security Log Management (NIST-SP 800-92)
* BSI IT-Grundschutz-Compendium (OPS 1.1.5)
* Dr. Anton Chuvakin’s Blog