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IoT (in-)security

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MTECH @ University of Luxembourg

Course material and slides>

Course material and slides

Slides Description
New Technology, old risks, IoT (in-)security Lessons learned from the field and deep dive into good practice of log analysis, and general overview of digital forensics techniques, two key components of an efficient incident management system.
References and further reading>

References and further reading

Threat landscape references: * CIRCL operational statistics
* ENISA Threat Landscape
IoT (in-)security references: * Smart & Secure IoT awareness portal
* Marie Moe about pacemaker security
* ENISA on IoT and smart infrastructures
CYBERSECURITY Luxembourg references: * OECD Guidelines for the Security of Information Systems and Networks - TOWARDS A CULTURE OF SECURITY
* National Cybersecurity Strategy IV
* Legal Frameworks in Cybersecurity
* Cyber Emergency Response Plan
* National Cybersecurity Portal
* C3.LU